Since his inception in 1983, designer Jean Karajian has developed Jean Karajian Collection into thriving lifestyle brand, focused on luxury, elegance and art. With a unique design that combines the French, Italian and Contemporary style, Jean Karajian has successfully redefined the lighting by offering innovative, high quality and prestige in each piece he carefully designs and produces.

Jean Karajian Collection offers a large selection of beautiful executed fine lighting designs which are produced with the same materials used in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. Selected materials such as cast bronze plating and hand-carved alabaster are used in the Jean Karajian Collection to make each design a piece of art.

Jean Karajian is based in New York City and his Collection is exhibited in his showrooms located at the New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Miami.

Jean Karajian has kept his well-known role of high quality and reliability of service and a guarantee of high individualization, characterization and value of the offered product.

Today, thanks to his many years of success, Jean Karajian is able to tender and satisfy every requisite of his customers. Standards that are represented in quality, style and luxury, the signature of Jean Karajian Collection.